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Single Heart-Shaped Hoya Kerri in Ceramic Dish

Single Heart-Shaped Hoya Kerri in Ceramic Dish

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Hoya heart plants are extremely easy to care for, making the perfect plant for beginners or people who travel frequently. Pet lovers can also feel confident about hoya heart plants, as they are not toxic to dogs or cats. Hoya heart plants thrive in bright light and require infrequent watering. The most important consideration is drainage: grow them in a well-draining soil and let them dry out between waterings.


Hoya is a succulent plant, which stores water in the fleshy leaf. Avoid watering too often, as plants perform best when the soil is allowed to dry between waterings. As such, hoya hearts only need to be watered once every two weeks or so. Water until the soil is saturated and allow any excess water to drain out of the container. Make sure to empty the catch tray beneath your pot so the hoya does not sit in water.


Hoya come from the tropics and love sun. Place plants in a location that receives several hours of bright light each day, either direct sun or bright indirect light. Hoya hearts do not tolerate dark rooms. If you lack natural light, try supplementing with a full spectrum LED grow light.


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