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*RARE* Pickle Cactus -Kleinia Stapliiformis

*RARE* Pickle Cactus -Kleinia Stapliiformis

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A fun and attractive succulent the Pickle Plant, grows into tall narrow stems with intricate green and silver markings that look the stems were wallpapered with little pickles. Will occasionally bloom brick red flowers.

Plant in well drained potting soils. Place in full sun in a bright windowsill facing south or west. In summer when outdoors water once a week, as the weather cools down reduce watering to bi-monthly. Don’t leave in temperatures that lower than 50 degrees, if growing as a houseplant. Be sure to slowly acclimate the plant to sunlight when bringing it outdoors for the summer.

Light - bright, indirect light

Soil - well draining, porous

Water - water when soil is completely dry.  Let drain thoroughly 

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